Dom Kennedy – Yellow Album

Dom Kennedy embodies stylistic qualities often associated with West Coast rap, most notably, a nonchalant demeanor and flow pattern. Kennedy displays how he rose to prominence rapping in California with the Yellow Album.

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The Yellow Album’s overall sound takes root in west coast beats that promotes it’s listeners to bob their head to simple, yet composed basslines as a dulled snare maintains rhythm. Kennedy has found a niche in delivering lines, followed by a one second pause or “uh” before he delivers the next bar. Often times he repeats the line before progressing to his next rhyme. “So Elastic,” “Gold Alphinas,” “5.0/Conversations” and “P + H,” concisely summarize how Kennedy plans to assert his identity in the rap game.

Yet, the mixtape offers more than slow, relaxing tracks for cocktail sipping as you unwind and close the night of partying. His tracks “Girls on Stage,” “1:25,” and “PG Click” quickened tempos forced Kennedy to show more rap versatility. In comparison to other tracks, his style becomes more fluid and greatly

contrasts his signature, segmented bar after bar delivery. By matching the
Nevertheless, Kennedy speckles wit and clever lines sporadically throughout the Yellow Album. Some of his lines generate laughs or resonate for a few seconds as the elaborate metaphor registers and sinks in.pace of the beat Kennedy transitions smoothly from one line to the next without the aid of a pause or unnecessary adlib. Kennedy needs more tracks like this!

One of the most impressive facets of the mixtape actually rests in what’s absent. Normally rappers overload songs

with references of blasting guns, violence, and endless boastful lines asserting their superiority to assumed haters, but it seems like Kennedy refused to do so. Instead he simply depicts his life as something enjoyable as he reaps the spoils of approaching stardom in rap.

Overall, the Yellow Album’s uniqueness plays a key role generating a favorable review.  Although Kennedy opts
to rap with a pause after many of his lines and it sometimes comes across as elementary, stylistically he’s developing a lane that will make him readily identifiable on tracks. Additionally, the minimal amount of violent bars is something rap can really use. It’s refreshing to hear bars that neglect an over utilized component of rap.  Kennedy’s beat selection is equally impressive. His variety of beats tap into moods of excitement and relaxation, which makes his music more relatable.

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