Tabi Bonney – The Endless Summer

There are more things to love than hate about Tabi Bonney’s fourth, and most recent mixtape, The Endless Summer.

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Bonney gains instant momentum and credibility as a rapper by asserting a style that runs unparralled to any major artist. Instead of hopping on machine synthesized, trunk pounding bass lines, Bonney chooses more mellow and relaxing beats with genuine instrumentation from bass guitars and a variety of other instruments. This bodes well for the mixtape because his beat selections enhance the title of his work, The Endless Summer. Many of his songs have a Caribbean summer’s tropical, laid back and relaxing feel coupled with bars that bring endless heat.

Bonney’s style is what’s most impressive about the mixtape. Apart from the fact that he possesses a voice similar to old-school rapper Slick Rick, Bonney proceeds to narrate situations with thorough topical verses that consistently use both internal and end rhyme. Unlike many current rappers who recklessly oscillate between topics, Bonney sticks to the concept of each track by developing his analogies with diverse, witty wordplay in each verse. His songs “Senior Year,” “Hang Glide,” and “Parachute” provide excellent examples.

“I don’t need that attention/your girlfriend like no he didn’t/I don’t need no Martin Lawrence and Pamela rendition/but anyways we can kick it, just no real commitment/and I hope you’re in shape if you plan on goin’ the distance,” he flows in his track “Parachute.”

Yet, high praise sometimes warrants criticism. Bonney should work on different delivery methods. He has capacity to become more versatile with how he raps. His flow pattern could use more vocal variation, which would add character and individuality to his thematic tracks.

Overall, Tabi Bonney gains points for style, instrumentation, content, and bar structure. He loses points for conceptual redundancy, (tracks “Parachute” and “Hang Glide”) lack of flow variation, and the evident fact that he still has plenty of room to grow as an artist.

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