Word of the Day: gull

Pronunciation: [guhl]

Definition(s): 1.To deceive, trick, or cheat.
2. A person who is easily deceived or cheated; dupe.

Part of Speech: 1. verb
2. noun

Sentence: The fast handed con artist gulls people with three hats and a ball.

Synonyms: bamboozle, beguile, con, hoodwink, swindle


Word of the Day: crucible

Pronunciation: [kroo-suh-buh]

Definitions: 1. A severe, searching test or trial.
2.A container of metal or refractory material employed for heating substances to high temperatures.

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence: 1. The witch trials led in the McCarthy era serve as perfect examples of crucibles
2.  Crucibles are heat safe containers used in laboratories to subject compounds to extreme heat

Synonyms: canister, capsule,

Word of the Day: truncate

Pronunciation: [TRUHNG-keyt]

Definition: to shorten by cutting off a part; cut short:

Part of Speech: verb

Sentence: In an attempt to release his students early, Professor Williams truncated his his extended lecture to 20 minutes.

Synonyms: abbreviate, trim, curtail, abridge, crop,

Antonyms: lengthen, elongate, stretch, expand

Word of the Day: bathetic

Pronunciation: [buh-THET-ik]

Definition: displaying or characterized by insincere emotion

Part of Speech: adjective

Sentence: After the underhanded insurance man was charged with fraud, he apologized in a bathetic manner.

Synonyms: maudlin

Antonyms: realistic

Word of the Day: fabulist

Pronunciation: [FAB-yuh-list]

Definition(s): 1. a liar
2. a person who invents or relates fables

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence: James, a fabulist, continued to contort the truth while under oath in the courtroom.

Synonyms: storyteller, falsifier, fabricator, fibber

Word of the Day: hieratic

Pronunciation: [hahy-uh-RAT-ik]

Definition: highly restrained or severe in emotional import.

Part of Speech: adjective

Sentence: The silence here is even more overpowering, Lina is there, hieratic and pale.

Synonyms: —

Antonyms: —

Tyga – Well Done 3

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Young Money Cash Money Billionaire’s (YMCMB) artist Tyga adds another project to his “Well Done” series of mixtapes with his recently released, 16-track, Well Done 3. Well done overstates the quality of this mixtape. Reality shows that only a few tracks were actually well done. Tyga never consistently brought the heat to insure that, and left many tracks medium rare.

For instance, the track “Designer” borrows the beat of “Mercy,” one of hip-hop’s most popular and thorough tracks, and Tyga delivers a verse that says much of nothing about fashion or designer clothes. Apart from a brief and simple chorus, Tyga spirals on a tangent that ends with a topic completely different than the one intended.  That’s typical of Tyga though, and ironically enough he closed the song with this quote.

“One verse, one hearse.”

He definitely didn’t murder the song, so a hearse is far from necessary. If anything he needed an ambulance to doctor his flow.

Although many of the tracks were mediocre, Tyga’s rhymes often provoke those listening to bob their head in classic west coast fashion. It’s known that Tyga isn’t the most versatile rapper, but sometimes it’s less about what he says, and more about how he chooses to say it. Listen to the songs “King Company,” “Ratchet,” and “No Luck” produced by DJ Mustard for examples.

Fortunately, Well Done 3 had moments where it displayed the potential that initially got Tyga signed to hip-hop dynasty YMCMB. “Diced Pineapples” dials down Tyga’s erratic, aggressive flow as he narrates a situation between himself and a past love. More impressively, he remained on topic for the entire song.

“Switch Lanes,” featuring The Game, also continued displaying Tyga’s potential. Each Rapper takes turns delivering eight bars before passing the track back to the other. Apart from switching lanes rapping with The Game, Tyga showed how to switch flows. Stylistically, internal rhyme plays a heavy role in Tyga’s rap identity, but on “Switch Lanes” he starts his first verse a tad before the beat measure, which accentuates his style by placing rhymes before bass drops.

“Switch How I do it/my new b***h a nudist/ piece like a Budhist/ cooler than cool whip/ get brain don’t be stupid…”

Normally, featured guests don’t play much of a role in reviews, but half of the features on Well Done 3 were atrocious. Most were really bad, some were average; and apart from The Game, and Kirko Bangz, nobody else deserves honorable mention.

Houston native, Kirko Bangz, left his stamp. He appeared on two of the best tracks, “Girls and Guitars” as well as “Out this B***h.” Addtionally his recent single, “Drank in my Cup,” provided the framework for Tyga’s rendition “Ready to F**k.”

In his Well Done mixtape chain, Tyga takes the beat-snatching mixtape approach made popular by Lil Wayne.  To actually be “well done” Tyga’s work needs a little more cooking.  His style is ready, especially when rhyming internally, but his content and delivery could use some additional ingredients.

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Word of the Day: simper

Pronunciation: [SIM-per]

Definition: to smile in a silly, self-conscious way.

Part of Speech: verb

Sentence: Jessica never believed she was attractive, so she simpered when John complimented her beauty.

Synonyms: smirk, grin

Antonyms: frown, grimmace

Word of the Day: integument

Pronunciation: [in-TEG-yuh-muhnt]

Definition: a natural covering, as a skin, shell , or rind.

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence: There are different kinds of integuments like the shell of a snail or the scaly skin of an alligator.

Synonyms: coat, envelope, membrane


2 Chainz – Based on a T.R.U. Story

Based On a T.R.U. Story album artwork

2 Chainz released his highly anticipated debut solo project, Based on a T.R.U. Story, as a G.O.O.D. Music member. This album succeeds his previous mixtape, T.R.U. Realigion, which garnered huge buzz and propelled 2 Chainz into rap’s spotlight. Since then, he has become a feature animal appearing on many major artists’ singles, mixtapes and albums.

Many wonder how 2 Chainz became relevant in rap. He may not have content that fans require from a lyricist, but the answer is pretty simple. He just doesn’t care! 2 Chainz’ delivery is more comical, bolder and more reckless than any rapper out, as seen on the brief intermission on “Yuck!”. He isn’t afraid to take a chance with his bars. Regardless of whether his punch lines register a direct hit, he delivers each line with confidence, style and vitality. If his energy doesn’t enhance punch lines, his adlibs definitely will. 2 Chainz’ “truuu,” “yeaaaauuhh” and “word” are commonly duplicated in speech amongst hip-hop fans.

The question he poses on the album’s second single, “Birthday Song,” is completely fitting.

“They ask me what I do and who I do it for/ and how it come up with this s**t up in the studio?”

Not only does that question allude to his recent success, but it also provides an example of the style and confidence previously stated. After all, he did rhyme “do it for” with “studio”, which at best could classify as a slant rhyme. 2 Chainz fearlessly stretches words, mispronounces them, and uses his southern dialect to appropriate rhyme scheme, as displayed on “Crack.”

2 Chainz even displayed boldness by stepping out of his bass heavy, southern, comfort zone. The song “I’m Different,” produced by DJ Mustard, takes a trip to the west coast and brings the jerky, groove style that has surged to the forefront of California music. Like the name of his song, “No Lie,” 2 Chainz is different, and very different at that. There isn’t another rapper that could say some of the oulandish things 2 Chainz does and maintain respect as a hit-maker.

“Extremely Blessed” highlights where 2 Chainz difference displays weakness. This smooth song features The Dream and directs attention to beautiful girls with banging bodies that guys would consider extremely blessed. 2 Chainz’ flow needs to be ratcheted down to parallel the song.

He may not have a smooth flow in his repertoire, but he did display a relaxed delivery on the track “Stop Me Now.” 2 Chainz successfully dialed down intensity while maintaining style and matching the sound of this more subtle, ol’ school sounding song.

“In Town,” featuring Mike Posner, fills the role of a sleeper track. As track 11 out of 13, it’s disguised in the back end of the album where average tracks tend to dwell. Once again 2 Chainz effectively allowed the instrumentation and tone emitted by Posner to dictate his energy level. This song has single potential.

Based on T.R.U. Story, definitely highlights all of 2 Chainz strong points. His hooks are catchy, he places adlibs in appropriate places, and he consistently delivered the erratic style that his fans have grown accustomed to. Although 2 Chainz constantly talks about Louis Vuitton/True Religion, big booty girls, and foreign cars, the albums’ sound displays an increased bit of versatility, which will be necessary for 2 Chainz to remain relevant as his solo career progresses.

The album also has well balanced feature selections: Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, The Dream, Mike Posner, John Legend and Playaz Circle’s Dollar Boy all make appearances.

Beat productions follow suit with contributions from: Drumma Boy, Mike Will, Bangladesh, Sonny Digital, Streetrunner, and Southside.

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