definition: something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained

The idea is so confusing it leaves people perplexed.
Because the simple minds cant conceive something so complex.
You give thought to it for a little while then lose interest,
Because you feel the time is not worth what you invest.

Yet the puzzle keeps your mind hooked.
You think you’re not off your game, but in reality your shook,
Because your attention is stolen by the enigma, the crook.

So what can discern the lies,
Told by the eyes of the prize,
Leading to someone’s demise?

Your brain is ready to blow like land mines because you switched has been flipped.
Your concentration shattered; your composure ripped,
And suddenly you’re sinking quick like the Titanic ship.

You get the short end of the stick.
The very last pick.
So naturally you feel like you’ve been jipped. (robbed)
The enigma captured you mind then dipped,
Leaving you beat like a slave, or maybe whipped.

No matter how equipped,
No matter how many tips,
Your mind is wrecked and left turning flips,
Leaving you no closer than a near miss.

One facet you may understand,
But on the other hand the enigma possesses a master plan.
That exceeds the conceptions of female and man.

But don’t heed the unnecessary stigma.
Because many of the best were defeated by the Enigma.


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