Deprived from Life

Wrong time wrong place,
Just look at my face as disgrace begins to permeate.
Thinks look fine, I appear sublime,
But as time passes by new thoughts traverse my mind.

Take a look in my eyes, and as time flies,
I wonder why it seems like I’m deprived.
Why cant I, finally be satisfied,
And obtain some of the things I want in my life.

Some so close, then the distance grows,
Or expands and leaves me behind to shoulder the yoke.
So with my efforts in vain, I’m left with the pain,
As I reflect over my predicament with severe disdain!

So should I abstain, or release my claim?
Because the sun has faded and left my days flooded with rain.
Simple and plain, I’m tired of games
And quite drained from witnessing my efforts end in vain!




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