CyHi The Prynce – Ivy League Kickback

RoyalTy Rating: 7 Crowns

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It’s hard to pinpoint why Cyhi hasn’t garnered much fame outside of Georgia. People respect his lyrics, but up to this point, he doesn’t have a smash radio single or a track that sets the club on fire. So, instead of placing his fate in the hands of radio personnel and DJ’s, Cyhi attempts to get his music directly into people’s home the by catering the Ivy League Kickback to laid back party atmospheres.

“Kick Back Music” initiates the festivity appropriately. The aura emitted from deep, nonchalant bass tones completely encompasses kickback vibes. Cyhi’s slew of if-then statements makes for an entertaining listen as he quickly relays some components of a kickback. The rest of the picture is further developed on “Kick Back,” where Cyhi addresses any questions. In summary, a kickback is music, mingling, alcohol and drugs.

“Mary Jane” serves as a personification of Cyhi’s relationship with marijuana. Personifying marijuana allows Cyhi to relay a few weed tales that reinforces his love of marijuana. After all, he’s apparently not “Far Removed” from trafficking grams in his trap “Round the Corner.”

“Start a War” possibly is the best track. Fans grossly underrate Cyhi’s story rapping ability. His lyrics paint a panoramic view depicting how his friend was murdered for serving a dummy brick. Cyhi feels as if he could start a war while failing to cope with his loss.

Apart from trap tales, Cyhi hasn’t lost witty lines. “Big Head B*tches” is loaded with wordplay embedded in his reminder to all the boujee girls with overblown confidence.

“I told her I’d give her the world if she’d take off her clothes/So I went to Office Depot and bought that b*tch a globe.

The middle section of the Ivy League Kickback attempts to ratchet up the atmosphere before the rear end attempts to throttle down activity.

Granted the ratio of guys and girls is relatively balanced, every kickback has a song with potential to elevate kickbacks into a full blown party. “Whoa,” featuring a hook sampled from Big Sean’s verse on “Mercy,” serves as this song. Its healthy bass tone combined with lyrics that promote ass shaking just might cause a kickback to transform into a house party.

“Pillow Talking” and “Occupy Your Mind” slowly kills off commotion to signify an end of the kickback.

Although the vibe is adequately encompassed, the Ivy League Kickback doesn’t come without a few glaring faults. Cyhi’s experimental “I’m Catching Feelings” urgently needs a feature for the hook. Prefacing the song saying “I ain’t really no good singer” doesn’t excuse his lack of vocals and utter waste of a smooth beat.

“Sexy” is a wasteful filler song, a slightly remixed “A-Town” fails to enhance the opus, and

Cyhi should deviate the quirky tendency to structure cliché, elementary sounding songs as exhibited on “Favorite Things”.  Lastly, “We Drink, We Smoke” should have been omitted from the Ivy League Kickback because it appeared on his previous mixtape the Ivy League Club.

Overall, The Ivy League Kickback, is a solid project. It strengths outnumber it’s weaknesses and the kickback themed songs have plenty of replay value. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear one or two of these songs at your next kickback.

Favorite Tracks: Start a War, Whoa, Far Removed

Least Favorite Tracks” Sexy, I’m Catching Feelings

Click to listen or download


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