Word of the Day: insouciance

Pronunciation: [in-SOO-see-uhns]

Definition(s): lack of care or concern: indifference

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence:  Many sports fans view hockey with an insouciance nature.

Synonyms: apathy, detachment, disregard

Antonyms: concern, interest, passion

Word of the Day: primaveral

Pronunciation: [prahy-muh-VEER-uhl]

Definition(s): pertaining to the early springtime

Part of Speech: adjective

Sentence: The foul smell of Bradford Pear trees are a primaveral occasion

Synonyms: —

Antonyms: —

Word of the Day: scupper

Pronunciation: [SKUHP-er]

Definition(s): to prevent from happening or succeeding; run; wreck

Part of Speech: verb

Sentence: Springtime showers scuppered the plans of an outdoor wedding.

Synonyms: forbid, inhibit, obstruct, sabotage 

Antonyms:  allow, permit

Word of the Day: linchpin

Pronunciation: [LINCH-pin]

Definition(s): something that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together.

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence:  The linchpin of any architechtural structure is the foundation

Synonyms: anchor, cornerstone, pillar

Word of the Day: truant

Pronunciation: [TROO-uhnt]

Definition(s): a person who shirks or neglects his or her duty

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence:  The sleeping security guard was declared a truant and was subsequently fired.

Synonyms: renegade, slacker, defector


Word of the Day: prolepsis

Pronunciation: [proh-LEP-sis]

Definition(s): the anticipation of possible objection in order to answer them in advance

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence:  The resulting argument from Cheryl’s prolepsis was thoroughly prepared and allowed her to stay out past curfew.

Word of the Day: sundry

Pronunciation: [SUHN-dree]

Definition(s): various or diverse

Part of Speech: adjective

Sentence: Buffets offer a sundry of foods.

Synonyms: assorted, many, several

Antonyms: dissimilar, individual, single