Finding Your David

Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Word of Faith
1 Samuel 16: 1-13

Finding your David



  • David is emblematic of who will capture your heart and provide the next level of leadership
  • David is a portal
    • A place of connection
  • Everybody needs somebody
    • You make them better and they make you better
    • Everybody needs somebody who they mean the world to
  • Before asking for a favor make sure you have sufficient relational equity
You must find peace in your relationship with:
  • God/Jesus
    • He’s a person, not just energy or force
      • He is the way
      • He is the word
      • He is the truth
      • He is a provider
      • He is peace
      • He is love
    • Never allow anything to detract from your relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Yourself
    • Rulers dont define who you are
    • Grades don’t define your intelligence
  • Your Life mission
    • You’re not here by coincidence or chance
  • The one you choose to marry
    • Choose someone you can celebrate,  not tolerate
  • Others
    • Luke 2: 14
    • Your greatest assest is not what you know,  It’s who you know
    • The seasons of your life doesn’t pass with time, it changes with the people who enter or exit your life
      • A new person can take you into the next dimension
  • The past is a platform, not a destination
    • God will use this as your testimony
      • Your testimony becomes the platform
  • When you die in yourself he will live through you
  • Every new level of your life comes with new relationships
    • You’ll never achieve what you’re capable of If you keep holding onto what you need to let go
    • Never cut off what you have the power to untie
      • Don’t burn your bridges
    • People shouldn’t be merely used or viewed as stepping stones
    • We have to learn to say “goodbye” and not “get lost”
    • Some peopleare assigned to you,  someare attached to you
      • Assigned – mutual benefit and strife
      • Attached – bloodsuckers


  • Every person you met is either a lesson or a blessin’
  • Every person that is a lesson prepares you for the blessin’

relationship equities

  • Just because you met somebody in church doesn’t mean they are the one
    • Demons go to church to
    • The Highest level of demons us called the “religious order”
  • Anytime you notice a change in a person,  check their new relationships
  • Real friends arent in cyberspace,  they are in the real world
  • God’s answer to every problem is always a person
  • God has created millions of doors for his love, and one of those doors is you
Bad managers are:
  • Insecure
    • Territorial
    • Selfish and don’t like to share credit
  • Inconsiderate
    • Correct people in public
      • Correct privately,  praise publicly
    • Disrespectful
  • Incompetent
    • They lack the knowledge of people skills
    • Going to school doesn’t mean you know how to work well with people
  • Egocentric
    • They take all the credit
    • Great leaders take more of the blame than they should, but less of the praise than they could
Finding your david
  • Realize that Saul needs to be replaced – Samuel 16:1
  • Realize that finding your David will require a sacrifice – 1 Samuel 16:2
  • Realize that finding your David is a family affair – 1 Samuel 16:5
  • Realize that God looks at the beautiful heart not the attractive face and stature – 1 Samuel 16:7
  • Realize that if it’s not the right fit, let it pass – 1 Samuel 16:9
  • Realize you will often meet the counterfeit before the genuine – 1 Samuel 16:10
  • Realize that what you see is not all that exists – 1 Samuel 16:11
    • Sometimes there is stock in the back
    • Don’t limit God into working through who you know right now
  • God gives prophets the ability to see what regular eyes cant see

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