Think Outside the Box

6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges
basic, yet certainly apart of all sketches
this shape remains equal…… even when you stretch it
I’m about to drop a metaphor, I just hope that you catch it

Especially, since the goal is to think outside the box
you may think around the clock, but when that stops
to think outside the box, you literally have to get past blocks like when leaping over a rock in a game of hopscotch

It started with chalk, but couldn’t be contained by squares
it started with talk, but became a more important affair
I started to walk, making sure to leave behind my despair
then opportunity knocked, and I invited it in to grab a chair

I invited opportunity inside but had to think outside the norm
you cant think inside a box like a student studying in their dorm
you literally have to think of capacities beyond the brain’s core
think more brightly then lighting coming before summer thunder igniting a brainstorm

Let your thoughts rain in such a way that ideas downgrade from a downpour to a drizzle
scribble down the most simple until the constant dribble dwindles to a trickle
keep pulling at your thoughts, until that pool begins to ripple
but make sure your pulls are gentle, because even a fool realizes that masterpieces are brittle

think outside a square by plugging in and amplifying your power circle
electricity generates heat and will keep your ideas hot like its thermal
keep increasing the electrical current until your currency follows
think incredible and outside the box until its currently hollow

a box is a cube, and if you can identify it you can challenge the limitations
literally breaking down all restrictions and implications
like all shapes, a cube or box is nothing but a prism
set your vision, apply your wisdom, and break out the box as if it were a prison

open box 2

To think outside of the box you first must open it









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