Provoked for Promotion

Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Word of Faith
1 Samuel 1: 1-7

Provoked for Promotion 


  • There will always be someone or something to provoke you
  • Is provocation necessarily a bad thing?
    • It’s unkind to provoke people in areas they cannot change
    • Hebrews 10:24
      • Consider provoking others to love more
  • Live your life in such a way you provoke others to become better
  • The HebrewnamePenninnah means pearl
    • Was portrayed to be a villain
    • Pearls are produced when an irritant enters into a clam and it secretes hormones
  • Some of the best works come from a person that’s irritated
    • Irritation is a sign of future production
  • The Hebrew name Hannah means grace
    • Grace is another word for favor
  • God used Penninnah to provoke Hannah for good
  • Don’t get jealous get busy,  don’t get mad get producing
  • Being provoked is a chance to prove something or someone wrong
    • Choose your battles wisely
      • Not every provocation warrants a response
  • Provoke means to call forth or stir up
    • Calling something forth that was dormant
    • You have to provoke people to practice
  • The role of a Christian is not to get even,  but to get right
    • You can never get ahead of someone  if you’re always trying to get even with them
    • Ephesians 4:26-27
      • Settle your issues that day
      • Don’t allow the issue of today to negatively impact tomorrow
  • When mostpeopleare provoked the response are negative
    • Cursing
    • Fighting
  • Could God be using something to provoke you into a better place/position in life?
  • Whatevervexes you is normally a sign thatyouare gifted in that area
    • Ex: recognizing ignorance normally indicates the gift of teaching
3 Ways to deal with provocation
  • Whenever you are provoked, employ invocation
  • Whenever you are provoked, use revocation
  • Whenever you are provoked, find an avocation
    • Avocate – to call away
    • Find what avocation calls you away from your vocation
      • What place of peace or activity calls you away from work
    • Hannah’s avocation was the desire to birth something to give it back to God
      • The result was Samuel
  • Don’t allow your provoker to make you become bitter, allow it to make you become better

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