What’s Dead In You Will Arise

Bishop Isaac Etidia
Word of Faith
Psalms 78: 40-56

What’s Dead in You Will Arise 

  • One of the most negative things you can do is show God doubt or unbelief
    • Doubting God is an insult
    • Any gift received from God is delivered because of Faith
    • He rewards those that diligently seek him
  • 65% of prayers offered by Christians are sent without faith
  • Contrary to belief,  miracles are still happening
    • When you believe in God there is nothing that’s impossible to receive
5 reasons why people doubt God
  1. People easily forget the hands of God upon their life
    1. Don’t forget the goodness of God in your life
    2. Believe the anointing
  2. Familiarity with God
    1. Mark 6: 1-6
    2. The anointed one
  3. People magnify their problemsto be bigger than God
    1. Only the voice of Lucifer tells you this
    2. One of the greatest virtues of Christianity is patience
      1. People want “microwave” miracles
      2. People measure the power of God with their wristwatch
      3. How do you judge lateness
        1. Lateness is judged by time
        2. God created time
        3. Does time answer to God, or does God answer to time!
        4. How can the creator of time be late?
        5. Whenever he comes,  he is on time
        6. Today it could be menopause,  tomorrow it could be meno”start”
  4. We doubt God because of humans senses
    1. We have not seen
    2. Not heard
    3. Not felt
    4. Not tasted
    5. Not smelled
    6. So we don’t believe. …
  5. We don’t know God
    1. If you know him,  you will trust him
It is an act of ignorance to travel your journey then turn and go back
  • It’s ignorant because you are closer to your destination than your origin

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