Be Still & Know

Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Word of Faith
Psalms 46: 8-11

Be Still & Know


Cease striving and know that I am God

  • This isn’t a suggestion from God,  it’s a command
  • God is basically saying, chill out and stay in your lane
  • Learn to be content with what you have or where you are
Our society is stressed out and is screaming for relief

Video – Why I Think This World Should End

  • Stop stressing
    • Stressis created from a lack of control
      • There will always be circumstances beyond your control
        • Stop trying to be God
You cannot make peace with with a man who has war in his heart
  • Cause yourself to let go
  • Causeyourselfto be weak
    • Surrender because God is in control
Tag team metaphor
  • When you become weak, you can tag in somebody with more strength, knowledge,  energy, power etc.
  • When you pray you talk to God; when you meditate you listen to God
    • Pray then wait
    • His word is not always verbal, but is always tangible
    • Meditationcan be more beneficial than medication
      • We are an over medicated society
    • Meditation is the quieting of our minds

Practical ideas the can help relieve stress

  1. Prayer/meditation
  2. Have a schedule
    1. Gives you a sense of control
    2. To steer is heaven,  to drift is hell
    3. Never start a day until you have the previous day finished
  3. Exercise your body
    1. Causes your brain to grow
    2. Increases Your Cognitive Power
  4. Keep what’s important,  important
    1. Don’t sweat the small stuff
  5. Sing/listen to good music that relaxes you
    1. If you can’t sing, then hum
  6. Stay connectedtopeople that love you
    1. It’s stressful when you realize that your by yourself
  7. Eataplant based diet
    1. Some of the things we eat take too much energy to digest

 Whenever you are stressed redirect your ABCs

  1. Attention
    1. Focus not on your problem,  but the problem solver
  2. Belief
  3. Conduct
    1. Change your actions
    2. Discipline yourself to do what you know is right, even when you don’t want to
God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness
  • II Corinthians 12:7-10
  • Everybody has weakness
    • Samson was strong, but even he had a weakness
  • God won’t let you use your weaknesses as an excuse for what you are supposed to do
Stop confusing the feeling of loneliness with the transformative feeling of being alone

There are 3 questions to answer:

  • What are the weaknesses thatPaulhad had in mind
  • What is the source of such weakness
    • A messenger of Satan given/sent to harass
      • Learn to recognize messengers of Satan
        • Pride of what we have done
        • Guilt and condemnation of what he haven’t done
    • It’s also the work of God created for our good
      • To save
      • To keep us humble
  • Istheir a purpose for such weakness?
    • Satan’s purpose is to buffet you,  God’s goal is humility
      • buffet – to strike against or push repeatedly:
      • Humility is more valuable than freedom from pain
    • Good purpose in our weakness is to glorify the grace and power of his son
      • ALL things work for your good
We can trust God
Weakness is not sin, It is a circumstance!