Word of the Day: rejectamenta

Pronunciation: [ri-jek-tuh-MEN-tuh]

Definition(s): things or matter rejected as useless or worthless.

Part of Speech: noun

Sentence: John tried to trade Jim a penny for his new toy, but John refused Jim’s rejectamenta.

Synonyms: waste, litter, junk, muck


It’s Showtime

Brad Hamby
Word of Faith
Exodus 2:11-15,25,5

It’s Showtime

  • God placed a dream and drive in Moses to deliver people
  • Moses believes it’s time to step out on his stage of destiny
    • He only comes to find that he made things worse than they were before
      • Pharaoh wanted him killed
  • Sometimes before God can resurrect the dream in you, he has to kill it first
    • Wait for the proper timing
    • The dream has for you is bigger than what you are
  • When things begin to die in you,  is really when greater things become alive
  • Moses was frustrated because his dream did not pass
  • How you know it’s showtime
    • Jesus will begin to turn on the lights
      • He will shine in an opportunity he has laid to the side
        • Temptation lays on the door bell, but opportunity only knocks once
      • When he turns on the light,  he disturbs what you know as normal
      • Look for extraordinary opportunities
        • Investigate new outlets
      • Anytime God asks you to do a weird thing, he is about to show you what weirdness about you separates you from others
        • That weirdness is a portal of divine design when combined with anointing
      • Jesus was a nonconformist
        • He befriended prostitutes
        • Hung out with tax collectors
      • When you push away divine design you minimize the abilityto be great
        • It makes people self conscious instead of God Conscious
    • He will reveal is power
      • If you put in what God tells you to put in,  you can pull out what he has for you
    • He’s going to give you divine connections
      • He will never isolate you longer than it takes to bring you new connections
        • You need to be around somebody that can reach into you and pull out your greatness
Random Notes
  • Never become intoxicated by the praise of man
  • You win some band learn some, but you never lose
    • Those who praise you will crucify you