Emergency – Emerge and See

Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Word of Faith
Revelation  3:17-19

Emergency – Emerge and See


  • Sometimes you’ll lull yourself to sleep in the comfort zone known as success
  • To emerge – to grow and become more than you are so that you can see
  • Problems cannot be solved on the same level that they are created
  • Crisis – turning point
    • Crisis cause you to grow
    • Don’t just go through the problem, grow through the problem
  • Growth is always uncomfortable
    • You always need somebody in your life to stretch you
    • God isn’t concerned about your comfort he is concerned about your growth
    • Be fruitful and multiply
      • First be fruitful
        • Be profitable
      • Then multiply
      • Then replenish
        • Replenish the values, character , and integrity
      • Then subdue
        • You can’t subdue something until the values have been replenish
  • You haveto be submerged before you can emerge
    • In order to go ahead you have to grow your head
  • When it comes to the future, what you see with your eyes closed is more important than what you see with your eyes open
    • Having sight but no vision
  • Anxiety comes from trying to control the future, not from visualizing it
    • The future is actively created
    • You become tomorrow what you’re becoming today
    • If you want to create a masterpiece you must have the master’s peace
      • You don’t get the masters peace until you’ve been
        • Broken
        • Confused
        • Frustrated
        • Some sort of disturbance
  • You must be before you do, and you must do before you have
    • Jeremiah 18:1-6
      • As long as your clay remains soft he can make you again
        • Remain soft and plyable
          • Mistakes can make a masterpiece
      • It’s about being transformed after being deformed and reformed
      • The Master Potter can turn any mistake into a masterpiece
      • God has glory in your story
      • Convicted 》 convinced 》 converted 》commissioned
  • A comfort zone is a place of neutrality
    • Being in neutral causes you to coast to the lowest place/point
    • Neutrality is the top of the bottom, but is also the bottom of the top
  • There is fear in leaving a comfort zone
    • You need boldness to leave your comfort zone
      • Willingness to take risks
  • In order for potential to be concerted to power, it must be
    • Discover
    • Defined
    • Developed
  • Problems are the platform for which our potential performs
    • You’re paid according to the problems you can solve
  • Comfort is the enemy of greatness
  • You cannot seize what you cannot see
    • Revelation 3:18
      • Eye Salve
        • A plaster put on the eyes so one could not see
      • Sometimes our happiness is obscured by the problems/things we see
      • Opportunities bless us when  we see them, recognize them and seize them
  • What are you NOT seeing?
    • Most of the time what you need is right in front of you
    • Once an idea is accepted by your subconscious it remains there until it is replaced or changed
    • Sometimes God puts us in the dark to reveal the light within
      • Whatever God demands from a thing he puts in a thing
      • Using your light from within keeps you from having to seek a spotlight