Double Negative

If I respond negatively to negative situations does that make it a positive?
And if I’m faking when I respond positively, shouldn’t I do the opposite?
There may be a flaw in my logic,
I don’t try to camouflage it because its embedded in my personality like its lodged in.

Is it better to fake it to leave others mistaken?
Before I do that I’d just leave them forsaken.
Rumor has it that this world is for the takin’,
But I don’t plan to gain acquisitions by fakin’.

Honestly, my policy is honesty,
Which is a policy difficult to produce modestly.

I shed truth on trials that leave people flustered.
While trying to catch up they couldn’t cut the mustard even if they exerted every bit of strength they could muster.
I break things down like when separating a cluster,
To shine light on the problem, watch the solution luster.

Birthing a shining solution mandates resolution because it obvious that clarity avoids confusion.
It helps cure your mind of the delusions that force your eyes to see optical illusions.
Sometimes to do this you must operate under a negative prerogative
But the rules of Math tells us that 2 negatives equals a positive.

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