Free Write 1 – To The Stage

Instead of having a direct topic, I decided to do a free write
realizing that most things around me aren’t what they seem like
I wonder how I can sleep heavy and manage to dream light
waking up from a nightmare and I can’t even breathe right


Is it even a nightmare? or am I just scared of my dream?
not to the extent that I scream, but enough to change what I perceive
I mean… I’ve seen scenes where I was free falling
and wondered if that was a symbol to portray that it wasn’t the plane but actually me stalling


I’m going through the motions in life – in other words sleepwalking
so i pick up my pen and had to let the deep thoughts in
how am I a writer, but don’t compose poetry often?
and if I’m supposed to be sick with it, why am I not at least coughin?


I’m supposed to be killin’ this shit, to where my opposition needs coffins
or at least to where chasing my grind leaves them perpetually exhausted
Hell, even I’m tired. Tired of restlessly waiting
tomorrow isn’t promised time is steadily waning


I’ll have to pause some leisure time of heavily gaming
and think outside the box to paint these pictures… I guess I’m gonna need framing 
and an order of concrete because my lane needs paving
I have a voice and ideas so there’s some things that need saying!


I’ll enjoy the thrill of the journey after properly aiming
to ensure a direct route and not just awkwardly sailing
I’ve watched my work mature through different phrases
As a result, I’m taking my work to the stages


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