Brighter Days

I long for brighter days, where the forecast isn’t so gloomy
I long for lighter days, where there’s no weight of struggles looming
Sometimes they consume me and leave as a prisoner of my own thoughts
where I find myself assuming worrying will leave me distraught

From my dad I’ve been taught, “If you think that’s somethin, just keep livin
meaning you don’t write the plot, but encountering trialing experiences is a given
just don’t give in, because if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything
and as a standup guy, this isn’t a sit in achieve by any means

Sometimes I take a knee, battles can leave me injured
I just can’t turn and flea, pulling further strength from inward
Even when I feel withered, it’s my responsibility to cultivate growth
which requires sunlight, that’s when brighter days matter the most

The goal is to stay afloat, In this world of sink or swim
don’t lose control, when on the edge, brink or rim
just think within, turning meditation into motivation
then repeat the cycle, until its medication in slow rotation

This is no vacation, at least it doesn’t feel like it when its overcast
I know the basics, it’s been forever since I’ve seen a solar flash
clouds are rollin past, most of these days are dreary
and the wind is blowin fast, leading me to propose this theory

There are days we can’t see clearly, and it’s not attributed to vision
sometimes when feeling leery, it’s a reflection of weather conditions
regardless of your ambitions, the clouds will clear for lighter days
life is in transition, so prepare to focus on brighter days

This is no vacation, at least it doesn’t feel like it when its overcast