Brighter Days

I long for brighter days, where the forecast isn’t so gloomy
I long for lighter days, where there’s no weight of struggles looming
Sometimes they consume me and leave as a prisoner of my own thoughts
where I find myself assuming worrying will leave me distraught

From my dad I’ve been taught, “If you think that’s somethin, just keep livin
meaning you don’t write the plot, but encountering trialing experiences is a given
just don’t give in, because if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything
and as a standup guy, this isn’t a sit in achieve by any means

Sometimes I take a knee, battles can leave me injured
I just can’t turn and flea, pulling further strength from inward
Even when I feel withered, it’s my responsibility to cultivate growth
which requires sunlight, that’s when brighter days matter the most

The goal is to stay afloat, In this world of sink or swim
don’t lose control, when on the edge, brink or rim
just think within, turning meditation into motivation
then repeat the cycle, until its medication in slow rotation

This is no vacation, at least it doesn’t feel like it when its overcast
I know the basics, it’s been forever since I’ve seen a solar flash
clouds are rollin past, most of these days are dreary
and the wind is blowin fast, leading me to propose this theory

There are days we can’t see clearly, and it’s not attributed to vision
sometimes when feeling leery, it’s a reflection of weather conditions
regardless of your ambitions, the clouds will clear for lighter days
life is in transition, so prepare to focus on brighter days

This is no vacation, at least it doesn’t feel like it when its overcast

What is Love? Free Write

What is this concept of love?
Is it beautiful and take flight like a dove?
Does it help you get a grip on life like its a glove?
Maybe its violent, more about arguments and the shoves
Confrontations, no hugs, poor communication and shrugs

Of course, its undeniable that true love is heaven sent
Its a natural anesthesia no need for numbing medicines
[love is] compromised of give and take no matter how you leverage it
Splitting circumstance down the middle, but not quite a severance

2 parts merged together, your hearts are no longer separate
Figure out what your method is, but leave behind your preference
The rules are unwritten, there is no book for reference
But one thing is sure, respect your love showing reverence


Free Write 1 – To The Stage

Instead of having a direct topic, I decided to do a free write
realizing that most things around me aren’t what they seem like
I wonder how I can sleep heavy and manage to dream light
waking up from a nightmare and I can’t even breathe right


Is it even a nightmare? or am I just scared of my dream?
not to the extent that I scream, but enough to change what I perceive
I mean… I’ve seen scenes where I was free falling
and wondered if that was a symbol to portray that it wasn’t the plane but actually me stalling


I’m going through the motions in life – in other words sleepwalking
so i pick up my pen and had to let the deep thoughts in
how am I a writer, but don’t compose poetry often?
and if I’m supposed to be sick with it, why am I not at least coughin?


I’m supposed to be killin’ this shit, to where my opposition needs coffins
or at least to where chasing my grind leaves them perpetually exhausted
Hell, even I’m tired. Tired of restlessly waiting
tomorrow isn’t promised time is steadily waning


I’ll have to pause some leisure time of heavily gaming
and think outside the box to paint these pictures… I guess I’m gonna need framing 
and an order of concrete because my lane needs paving
I have a voice and ideas so there’s some things that need saying!


I’ll enjoy the thrill of the journey after properly aiming
to ensure a direct route and not just awkwardly sailing
I’ve watched my work mature through different phrases
As a result, I’m taking my work to the stages


# The Name(s) Behind the Hash Tag

Police. The nation’s new overseer are over here making sure Black Americans can’t get over fear

The fear that your life will be sacrificed as an example
Killing brothas by the handful as if meaningless life is ample
This isn’t ABC but it’s definitely a Scandal
A preview or a sample that Blacks were always meant to be restrained by shackles
A white citizen gets tackled, but a brotha gets handled
If it’s not by the bullet, then it’s by the judge with a gavel
Somehow I’m not baffled, that not guilty verdicts are paraded on channels by the handful

The more I think about it, the more I see this is organized civil unrest
No respect just a bullet in the chest of a fictitious suspect
If you’re a black male or female you automatically fit the description
It’s a given! just kill em with no witness and you’re granted freedom with the quickness

If its caught on camera then that’s inadmissible, even though brutality was quite visible
Keep demonizing blacks until they’re all criminals, then lock up or kill their leaders and leave behind the imbeciles.
This is a formula becoming all too typical, its despicable and can’t reversed like a reciprocal
Our condition is critical and as individuals it’s our responsibility to unite into a coalition that is formidable and near invincible

How long will can we settle for minimal?
How long will our actions remain predictable?
We’ve got two choices, get physical, or begin to eat up political knowledge like it’s nutritional
but to hang our head is both pitiful and inexplicable.

The root of this is to provoke racial tension
Complete dissension
By allowing police to be the henchmen, the government diverts our attention away from the oppressive system

Yet people have an issue with silent protest over the anthem of this nation
I can’t even say “our national anthem” because “we” were brought by slave ship
Go check on social media, you’ll see the racists and feel the hatred
Just face it, this hate shit is stabilized in a matrix

And yea things may shift, but probably no time in the foreseeable future
It’s odd that police are meant to protect, but are most commonly the shooter
They get indicted, then acquitted and head home on PAID leave with a packed bag
But what about justice for those who become another name behind the Hash tag?






Keep Believin

I went from ashy to classy by simply putting on lotion
But I went from broke to budgeting by putting my ass in motion
I started dividing tasks, then I found the quotient 
A notion that I couldn’t just sit around hopeless

A brokeN college student on the verge of de-feat
But also a broke college student on the verge of de-gree
After paying a lump fee known as tuition
Not only were my pockets dry, but so was my well of ambition

It was hard to pay attention, with a bank account on ten cents.
It’s intense when trying to take notes knowing money burns quicker than incense
And since, borrowing money was the only way to keep my tally straight
The government had a simple solution.  INTRODUCIN’ – Sallie Mae!

With God’s grace I was able to switch my mind from my dimes to my grind
Which is fine because I was able to complete work before it ever got assigned
With study habits refined, my once forgotten studious ways began to shine
I felt like I was back in my prime operating the way i was designed

Two semesters later I graduated.
I remember being aggravated until my goal was reactivated
I had to make it, to be a cut above the rest like I was amputated 
yet I was cut from a different cloth but not one that’s FABRICated.

Thinking back, i was actually fascinated because graduation felt like it would never be completed
I use to think – I’d never get to throw up my cap, i couldn’t be bulimic
i felt beaten, one class seemed to be my demon but i kept competin’
then i beat it, it just took me 3 attempts to defeat it.

I achieved it, and as a result it made me feel prestigious
I did what others couldn’t, but I’m still not an Elitist
There were plenty of times where i almost threw in the towel and conceded
but I’m here to offer proof that the impossible becomes possible when you keep believin’
degree 2

Double Negative

If I respond negatively to negative situations does that make it a positive?
And if I’m faking when I respond positively, shouldn’t I do the opposite?
There may be a flaw in my logic,
I don’t try to camouflage it because its embedded in my personality like its lodged in.

Is it better to fake it to leave others mistaken?
Before I do that I’d just leave them forsaken.
Rumor has it that this world is for the takin’,
But I don’t plan to gain acquisitions by fakin’.

Honestly, my policy is honesty,
Which is a policy difficult to produce modestly.

I shed truth on trials that leave people flustered.
While trying to catch up they couldn’t cut the mustard even if they exerted every bit of strength they could muster.
I break things down like when separating a cluster,
To shine light on the problem, watch the solution luster.

Birthing a shining solution mandates resolution because it obvious that clarity avoids confusion.
It helps cure your mind of the delusions that force your eyes to see optical illusions.
Sometimes to do this you must operate under a negative prerogative
But the rules of Math tells us that 2 negatives equals a positive.

Let It …

I ceased writing poems because writers block set in
I had some great concepts, but they remained embedded
So I picked up my pencil and put the lead in
And told myself that this time I’m just gonna let it


I’m best when I just let it roll.
But on edge when conceptions just wouldn’t grow
With thoughts hedged in subsections of crooked rows


So how was I gonna get this straightened out?
With ideas in prison believing they would never make it out
Stuck in a snag I couldn’t shake the doubt
Would my talent really leave me forsaken now?


Then I paved a route so concrete it became cemented
Which transformed my mind to conteNtment from conteMPtment 
I finally feel like I reached the next dimension
Ultimately leaving me relieved of stress and tension


My voice, let it be heard
Cearly, never to be slurred
My mind, let it be free
Sincerely, with no blocks to impede
My words, let them… be stern
Merely asserting that they are firm
My vision, let it be seen
Fiercely, with with no obstacles to intervene


After thinking it over, overthinking blocked my expression
I had to lighten up, and I’m not discussing my complexion
My lesson, just go with it, I don’t always need directions
And sometimes people will be more impressed when I’m not trying to leave an impression


It’s a blessin’ to now know to just let it … flow
Poetry is a weapon and my gift, there’s no way i could just let it … go


Think Outside the Box

6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges
basic, yet certainly apart of all sketches
this shape remains equal…… even when you stretch it
I’m about to drop a metaphor, I just hope that you catch it

Especially, since the goal is to think outside the box
you may think around the clock, but when that stops
to think outside the box, you literally have to get past blocks like when leaping over a rock in a game of hopscotch

It started with chalk, but couldn’t be contained by squares
it started with talk, but became a more important affair
I started to walk, making sure to leave behind my despair
then opportunity knocked, and I invited it in to grab a chair

I invited opportunity inside but had to think outside the norm
you cant think inside a box like a student studying in their dorm
you literally have to think of capacities beyond the brain’s core
think more brightly then lighting coming before summer thunder igniting a brainstorm

Let your thoughts rain in such a way that ideas downgrade from a downpour to a drizzle
scribble down the most simple until the constant dribble dwindles to a trickle
keep pulling at your thoughts, until that pool begins to ripple
but make sure your pulls are gentle, because even a fool realizes that masterpieces are brittle

think outside a square by plugging in and amplifying your power circle
electricity generates heat and will keep your ideas hot like its thermal
keep increasing the electrical current until your currency follows
think incredible and outside the box until its currently hollow

a box is a cube, and if you can identify it you can challenge the limitations
literally breaking down all restrictions and implications
like all shapes, a cube or box is nothing but a prism
set your vision, apply your wisdom, and break out the box as if it were a prison

open box 2

To think outside of the box you first must open it









Im at a crossroad in my life, or should I say a crosshair?
I look around for my savior but there is no cross there.
As much thinking as Ive been doing I should`ve lost hair.
If you look in my eyes there is just a lost stare.

What did I do? Did i really ruin my potential for greatness?
Or is it something that comes with time and I’m just impatient?

Patience, it’s a documented fact that I have none of that.
So I tried to journey out but forgot my backpack.
I should have been more prepared and at least brought knapsack.
But like a quarterback with no lineman I hiked and got sacked.

Linebackers bulldozed through like a tractor.
My imaginary Offensive line was a non factor.
I absorbed the hit and staggered attempting to avoid disaster I threw the ball like a passer.

I took a big hit like the original Madden hit stick,
But this lick is the one that damn near left my wig split.

My spirit is broken and I’m trying to recover,
And like my credit card I’m trying to discover the values my mother instilled in me when I was younger.

Somewhere along the way this life stopped going according to plan, or is it that I didn’t plan according to life?
I guess I didn’t plan for affording the lights, because there’s a price to pay before your rewarding is bright.

My desires duck behind any obstacle able to obstruct and muck up whatever’s possible.
I require whatever’s optimal, and I’m sticking with the plan no audibles.

Lessons learned are more then what’s audible…
You observe what’s optical, touch what’s topical
And hope to hop out of harm’s way before situations become volatile.

I’m learning that possible isn’t always the precursor to probable.
Expecting dreams to land in your lap isn’t logical.
If anything that’s an expectation that’s comical.

Yet, this is no laughing matter.
Dreams I had of rising through the corporate ladder are almost shattered.
In the book of life I’m ready to write a new chapter leaving the former pages tattered.

I’ve seen this all before, images of me unmotivated but wanting more with my ambitions lacking a core.
The dreams that I adore are crumbling and crashing to the floor with no hope of being restored.
Instead, I implore images of me shopping for more than what’s in store reupholstering my life with new decor.

Or … to at least be more comfortable,
And be able to corral comfort outside my comfort zone.
I also need to confront my fear of doing things alone, especially since fear is an emotion I don’t condone.
Fear isn’t a characteristic of the heir to the throne, I want to call shots without lifting a phone.

Suppose I give up, what would my life become?
The story of a young man whose composure spun undone?
My life is fit for more than a story on “Unsung,”
nor will it resemble and instrument that has come unstrung

I won’t fade quietly.
I won’t stray mindlessly,
but I passed time dealing with this pain silently because it slowly drained the fight in me.
I used to fight pridefully.
Then started to stand idly, until I sought the Lord and his blessings spread wildly.

My ambition returned and from the pain I’ve learned that you can’t play with fire and not expect to get burned.
Now I yearn for the guidance of God casting away my concerns to be deferred.

I’m no longer in a gun’s sight centered in the crosshair
Instead, it’s the scope of my eye and there is a cross there.

Deprived from Life

Wrong time wrong place,
Just look at my face as disgrace begins to permeate.
Thinks look fine, I appear sublime,
But as time passes by new thoughts traverse my mind.

Take a look in my eyes, and as time flies,
I wonder why it seems like I’m deprived.
Why cant I, finally be satisfied,
And obtain some of the things I want in my life.

Some so close, then the distance grows,
Or expands and leaves me behind to shoulder the yoke.
So with my efforts in vain, I’m left with the pain,
As I reflect over my predicament with severe disdain!

So should I abstain, or release my claim?
Because the sun has faded and left my days flooded with rain.
Simple and plain, I’m tired of games
And quite drained from witnessing my efforts end in vain!