# The Name(s) Behind the Hash Tag

Police. The nation’s new overseer are over here making sure Black Americans can’t get over fear

The fear that your life will be sacrificed as an example
Killing brothas by the handful as if meaningless life is ample
This isn’t ABC but it’s definitely a Scandal
A preview or a sample that Blacks were always meant to be restrained by shackles
A white citizen gets tackled, but a brotha gets handled
If it’s not by the bullet, then it’s by the judge with a gavel
Somehow I’m not baffled, that not guilty verdicts are paraded on channels by the handful

The more I think about it, the more I see this is organized civil unrest
No respect just a bullet in the chest of a fictitious suspect
If you’re a black male or female you automatically fit the description
It’s a given! just kill em with no witness and you’re granted freedom with the quickness

If its caught on camera then that’s inadmissible, even though brutality was quite visible
Keep demonizing blacks until they’re all criminals, then lock up or kill their leaders and leave behind the imbeciles.
This is a formula becoming all too typical, its despicable and can’t reversed like a reciprocal
Our condition is critical and as individuals it’s our responsibility to unite into a coalition that is formidable and near invincible

How long will can we settle for minimal?
How long will our actions remain predictable?
We’ve got two choices, get physical, or begin to eat up political knowledge like it’s nutritional
but to hang our head is both pitiful and inexplicable.

The root of this is to provoke racial tension
Complete dissension
By allowing police to be the henchmen, the government diverts our attention away from the oppressive system

Yet people have an issue with silent protest over the anthem of this nation
I can’t even say “our national anthem” because “we” were brought by slave ship
Go check on social media, you’ll see the racists and feel the hatred
Just face it, this hate shit is stabilized in a matrix

And yea things may shift, but probably no time in the foreseeable future
It’s odd that police are meant to protect, but are most commonly the shooter
They get indicted, then acquitted and head home on PAID leave with a packed bag
But what about justice for those who become another name behind the Hash tag?