Keep Believin

I went from ashy to classy by simply putting on lotion
But I went from broke to budgeting by putting my ass in motion
I started dividing tasks, then I found the quotient 
A notion that I couldn’t just sit around hopeless

A brokeN college student on the verge of de-feat
But also a broke college student on the verge of de-gree
After paying a lump fee known as tuition
Not only were my pockets dry, but so was my well of ambition

It was hard to pay attention, with a bank account on ten cents.
It’s intense when trying to take notes knowing money burns quicker than incense
And since, borrowing money was the only way to keep my tally straight
The government had a simple solution.  INTRODUCIN’ – Sallie Mae!

With God’s grace I was able to switch my mind from my dimes to my grind
Which is fine because I was able to complete work before it ever got assigned
With study habits refined, my once forgotten studious ways began to shine
I felt like I was back in my prime operating the way i was designed

Two semesters later I graduated.
I remember being aggravated until my goal was reactivated
I had to make it, to be a cut above the rest like I was amputated 
yet I was cut from a different cloth but not one that’s FABRICated.

Thinking back, i was actually fascinated because graduation felt like it would never be completed
I use to think – I’d never get to throw up my cap, i couldn’t be bulimic
i felt beaten, one class seemed to be my demon but i kept competin’
then i beat it, it just took me 3 attempts to defeat it.

I achieved it, and as a result it made me feel prestigious
I did what others couldn’t, but I’m still not an Elitist
There were plenty of times where i almost threw in the towel and conceded
but I’m here to offer proof that the impossible becomes possible when you keep believin’
degree 2