Loving a Stranger

Two people meet.

Two people greet.

Once the formalities are established two people speak.

Conversations concerning what occurred during the week… slowly progressed to the qualities each other seek.

The conversation concludes with a date for next week.


Next week arrives.

The date was set for 9,

And the two people reengage in conversation as they gaze in each other’s eyes.

The connection brings goose bumps more chilling than their water filled with ice,

And they seem to agree that the vibe is feelin’ right.


The night continues.

They’ve the enjoyed the menu,

And talk arises about migrating to another venue and finding other activities to get into.


Tracy is genuine, Casey compromised their true characteristics hoping to impress.

This became the platform for which the relationship progressed.

So when the relationship became trying and began to hand out tests….

Tracy spoke the truth and Casey opted to avoid stress.


Casey sought comfort in ambiguity.

Often responding to questions with answers like “none of them matter, it’s just you and me.”

A functional habitual liar that can fib fluidly never really considered the ramifications of their cruelty.


So in actuality, Tracy never saw Casey in reality,

Because Casey always hid behind technicalities and loopholes like cases involving legalities.

It’s quite foul to see how one can mislead another and walk about proudly. (pr- ow-d- ly)

Then rest their head on a pillow at night and sleep soundly.


Tracy then began to notice some dissention in their connection.

More distance + more arguments = less affection.

Unfortunately Tracy didn’t know that she should have purchased protection,

Because her lover was a stranger and master of deception.


Casey was the bank fund where Tracy deposited her love, dependence and trust,

But Casey was a corrupt banker that allowed Tracy to accrue interest and cashed out on lust.

Tracy essentially was robbed blind but her eyes couldn’t penetrate the settling dust,

And once it did the Casey the culprit had bolted and couldn’t be cuffed.


There’s no way to know that you’re loving a stranger.

There’s no sign that expresses a clear and present danger.

There’s no fine that can recover your trust and lost wager,

And there’s no time span for healing except expecting it to be later.

Loving a stranger starts with a pulse, a vibe intensifies, then flatlines.

Loving a stranger starts with a pulse, a vibe intensifies, then flatlines.

Poem idea requested by Sidney Llorance

The American Dream

Migrants come to America for more reasons than a vacation.

They run from oppression but are simultaneously dream chasin’.

They’ll pack up everything and leave their homes vacant in their former nation

Believing that the American Dream is up for the taking.


I can’t fault anybody for seeking a life greater than the one they currently live.

But if you ask me, America…has…nothing…to…give!!!


This is just another place where people run the rat race.

The fact that the American Dream is still perpetuated is a disgrace.


Take a look at our circumstances….

Our economy’s constant recession means there’s been no financial advancement.

Compared to our recent past America’s dollar is a fraction.

And it seems the only increasing dollar value.. are taxes.

Allow me to get grammatically incorrect, that’s just what the facts is.

Maybe as a nation we couldn’t uphold the standard or we simply relaxed it.

People’s income bypasses as something that’s gastric,

Meaning cash finances were sucked out and was replaced by plastic


Discover card, Master card, American Express

What I’ve discovered is that America masters expressed debt.

As for the solution, that’s something America hasn’t expressed yet

but im certain it can’t be fixed with a stimulus check.


The American Dream was founded on the principle of Entrepreneurship.

A great principle that has since turned in to manure, shit.

Only a few new businesses succeed, you can Google it.

And once you achieve that.. youll understand how Google did.


But this isn’t about Google, let’s focus on mom and pop.

What’s the reason their “mom and pop” shop flopped?

Answer: with goods ‘made in China’, Wal-Mart is now a one stop shop

Where you can get anything you need for all 24 hours on the clock.


Entrepreneurship means creating a business and working for yourself.

Instead, the majority of American’s work for somebody else.

With that being said, the American Dream is something I’ll choose to sleep on.

I’d rather dream of life, peace, and liberty and continue to dream on.


The American Dream is currently on life support as it lies on its death bed.

Realistically speaking, that means the American Dream is dead.

I’m not sure exactly what the cause of death is, or who should assume ownness.

But in the meantime I respectfully offer my condolence.

Is the American Dream dead?