Return to Community

Bishop Dale C. Bronner
Word of Faith
1 Thessalonians 5: 5-11

Return to Community 

Return to Community


Encourage one another and build each other up

  • we are children of light we are supposed to be in the know
  • we are not here to look at somebody and find fault in them
  • we are supposed to build one another up because the satanic forces of the world are already tearing us down
  • even encourage the one who encourages everyone else
    • they need it more than you know
Challenge yourself: Everyday this week find somebody to enocurage and build up
  • speak to their dreams
  • “i still believe in you”
  • “you can still be exactly what God called you to be”
  • we have a civic responsibility and moral obligation to encourage others and build them up
  • People “talk” to each other
  • the way to go forward it to actually go back
    • cyberspace is an artificial community
    • pick up the phone and actually let somebody hear your voice, not your voicemail
    • send hand written letters
    • Signature = sign of your nature
    • in text you can’t determine tone
  • you remember things that are an experience
    • life is a collection of memories
  • in community you have the power to touch
  • community is about being able to connect
  • currently we have artificial community
    • everything is so segmented

Technology/Social Media

  • social media, is everything but social, when we open a computer we close our doors
  • technology is just an illusion,
  • smart phones = dumb people
  • technology is causing people to become individualistic
The bible was not written to individuals, it was written to a corporate body of believers – the Church
  • Jeremiah 29: 11
  • We have allowed our individual plans to pull us away from the corporate destiny of God
    • Beware of the unholy trinity of me, myself, and I
    • we have lost sight of the community from being blinded by our own selfish ambitions
    • Ephesians 4:1-6
  • Jesus taught us community through the model prayer
    • OUR father which art in heaven
      • he didn’t say MY father
    • Give US this day, OUR daily bread
      • he didn’t selfishly say feed ME
    • Lead US not in to temptation, deliver US from evil
    • he was praying for his community
  • You can be blessed better if you ask God to bless somebody other than you
  • We have to be concerned with more than just ourselves and our immediate needs
  • It requires humility to walk in unity
  • Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, its thinking of yourself less
  • It is the greatest curseto be in a relationship with somebody who is selfish/egocentric
    • it’s not that they mean anything against you, it just means that everything is for them
  • Isiah 41:1-7
    • Keep silence before me
      • in silence we can find renewal and strength
      • Silent and Listen use the same letters
      • when silent you can hear the whisper of God
      • we don’t have the right to speak for God until we speak to God

Collaborative Effort

  • Everyone helped his neighbor and encouraged his brother
  • Isiah 41: 6
  • Communityis formed based on communication
    • when Satan wants to break a community he attacks and confuses communication
  • anyone who claims to be self made could have been so much greater if they let somebody else help them
  • coming together is a beginning, working together is progress. Staying together with joy is success
  • It was a given in the Jewish culture to teach the ethics of work to the other generations, without it a generation will rise looking for a handout
  • Labor is the gift of God

Some greedy people will never have enough money

  • God teaches us that its good to work so that we might be able to help others
    • Ephesians 4:28
      • it leads you to give


  • no matter how little you have, you have something to give
    • time
    • knowledge
    • perspective
  • It will bless your life when you allow God to use you to bless someone else

NFL Week 4 Review: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

The Good:

Return of the refs

Who ever would have thought refs would be applauded?

Finally, the much awaited return of official referees arrived. Fans had to endure 3 weeks of replacement refs’ horrendous officiating: extra timeouts, free touchdowns, excessive defensive pass interference calls, phantom holding calls, etc– the list goes on. Fortunately, for fans’ sake, the Packers served as martyrs protecting the games’ integrity. Fans greeted regular officials with an explosion of cheers and a generous standing ovation upon returning during Thursday night’s football game. Final outcome: Better officiating, although not by much.

Last week: flat line, this week: Hartline and Tannehill revived in a Dolphins’ loss

Diving for every yard: The difference between 250 and 253.

Who is Brian Hartline? Since I’m sure you don’t know, he is the Miami Dolphins receiver that absolutely exploded in week 4. Hartline snagged 12 receptions for a Dolphins record of 253 yards and a touchdown. Yes, 253 yards, and that wasn’t a typo. In weeks 1-3 Hartline totaled 202 yards and no TDs, so he more than doubled his season’s production. If he’s available in your fantasy league, pick him up! He might be the perfect addition to fit your flex position until we’re sure he can produce consistently.

Hartline helped springboard his QB, Ryan Tannehill, to a record-setting day in his young, rookie career. Tannehill accrued 431 passing yards, although the effort came in a tough, overtime loss to ball hawking Arizona Cardinals. The confidence Tannehill gained will be helpful going forward, although he threw twice as many interceptions as TDs (2-1). Final Score: Cardinals 24, Dolphins 21.

Patriots go Buffalo hunting

Everybody’s involved.

New England appeared doomed by stagnant offense as the Buffalo Bills took a 21-7 lead early in the third quarter. It seemed like they would lose to another middling team and drop to 1-3 for the season. Then, they mounted up, grabbed their muskets and went Buffalo hunting. New England abused Jacksonville’s defense, running off 42 unanswered points. If any team struggles to play offense, they should watch this game’s tape. Players contributed from all positions. Two running backs, Brandon Bolden and Stevan Ridley, rushed for over 100 yards and combined for 3 TDs. Wide receiver, Welker, and tight end, Gronkowski, also added 100 yard games. It looked like a practice scrimmage at game speed because tackles weren’t made. Buffalo’s lackluster players insinuated a quitter’s mentality,which just may have led to New England finding their mojo. Final Score: New England 52, Bills 28

The bad & Ugly Combined:

Oh no! Romo

#47’s Reaction insinuates this was one of the housed interceptions.

The only people not saying “oh no” when Romo recklessly flung the ball was Chicago’s defense, who eagerly awaited every opportunity. Romo threw 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 INTs, tying the most in his career. Although Romo sported a Cowboys uniform, he was the Bears’ best player. Two of his interceptions were housed. Dallas scored 18 points, so Chicago technically needed one offensive touchdown to win. Romo’s questionable decision-making unraveled any chance Dallas had of winning. Usually Tony “No Show” has the patience to wait and save his awful games for playoff stretches, but why wait? Why not come out and stink it up on Monday Night Football when everybody is watching? Final Score: Cowboys 18, Romo and the Bears 34.

Grounded Jets couldn’t take flight

Another grounded “Jet” that couldn’t fly.

Have you ever gotten a “whuppin” for doing something you weren’t supposed to? Apparently the Jets are familiar with this feeling. Jets were created to fly, but their parents, the 49ers, grounded them and never allowed them to take flight. Was this great defense, or bad offense? Good defense leads to bad offense, so let’s assume both took place. Bottom line, New York couldn’t muster a single point – Zero, zilch, nada! After all, they only generated 145 yards of total offense, so at best they were in scoring position one time. One more week of this and the New York Fans will be chanting “TEBOW, TEBOW, TEBOW!” The prodigal return of the Jesus Quarterback is inevitable. Final Score: Jets 0, 49ers 34

Once again, the Raiders

That expression says it all.

I’m kinda tired of the Raiders landing here every week. One week after giving them praise, I’m back to blasting them again. Whats wrong in Oakland? Who’s to blame for their lack of competing? Injuries can’t excuse playing this poorly. The Denver Broncos hadn’t scored a first quarter TD this season until playing Oakland, who relinquished 10 first quarter points. Oakland lacked everything necessary to compete: confidence, tenacity and energy. Denver limited star running back, Darren McFadden (Run DMC), to 34 yards on 13 carries. Simple math confirms that’s less than three yards per carry. McFadden is supposed to break or allude tackles, not make tackles. Oakland’s sloppy arm tackling allows opponents to stretch five yard plays to 25+ yards. Big play threats always loom. The coaching staff must assume onus for this. We know they aren’t supposed to make tackles, but they are responsible for coaching discipline and fundamental principles like wrapping up. I have more to say, but I’m sure they will give me an opportunity to do so next week, so I’ll close with a quote from Carson Palmer, “It was nothing more than a good, old-fashioned butt-whupping.” Final Score: Raiders 6, Broncos 37.