Rocko – Gift of Gab 2

RoyalT Rating: 8 Crowns

GOG 2 cover

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Gift of Gab 2 seemingly emerged from nowhere because most major hip-hop websites anticipated Ignant or Seeing is Believing as Rocko’s next project. Nevertheless GOG2 dropped just in time to keep Rocko fans from assuming he took another lengthy hiatus, suspending their wishes for new music.

If you’re unfamiliar with his musical background, Rocko has a unique and identifiable style. Not only is his music filled with “integrity, ethics, morals, values, and principles” taught to him by “Da Streets,” but he has sentimental ideas on songs like “YU and I”, and insight that trap rappers typically wouldn’t show nor garner respect through. Rocko hardly ever deviates from topic, literally driving the point home until it’s exhausted– normally by using the the first half of his bars to establish repetition, emphasis and to create uniformity. It’s evident he “Prepared” for this project.

Rocko relays part of his preparation through  experimental concepts.  The countdown style hook of  “One Two” is understood, as in addition to– anything you can have, Rock has one too. “Slow Down” offsets the entire pace of the project. A slightly chopped-and-screwed voice doesn’t sound much different from normal, but offers very heartfelt lyrics.

“I’m too fast for the slowpokes/ Inspiration to the poor folks/ They live through me, they ride to me/ I love you, I hope you know what you are to me/My ar-tery-ty, blood I bleed, the air I breath/ I feed the streets, they help me eat.”

Great basslines flood the project. The captivating bass ripple of “Feels Good,” the eurogate based, spatial reverbs of “Stoooopid,” and the segmented chops of “Luv4 Life”  are sure to excite bass lovers.

Another strength of the opus is the proper use of features. An energized Gucci Mane brought the wild style, absent from Trap God 2on “You Can Tell,” and Lloyd brings the industry sound that could  elevate “ShiiKno” to a smash radio single.

Not all the features enhanced the project; Rick Ross offers some stale bars “U.O.E.N.O.” and Future sings a less than admirable hook. The chill vibe and idea of the song shows promise, but execution completely lacks.

Overall, Gift of Gab 2 is really solid. Elaborate metaphors, proper thematic scheming, booming beats and a unique style make this project worth a listen. There are a couple of mediocre songs like “Y” and “Imagine Dat,” but the overpowering strength of good songs greatly outweigh them.

Favorite tracks:

ShiiKno, Feels Good, You Can Tell

Least favorite tracks:

U.O.E.N.O. and Y

GOG 2 cover

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